Coming Home To You

Do one thing for yourself each day.

Coming Home to you is all about, settling down and getting back to the Source of our lives, souls, minds and bodies. We leave home and run all day long, moving for others and as the day goes by, we get lost. We come back to our physical homes and we start meeting the needs of our family members, we get even more lost and further away from our internal home, our soul and spirit home.

Our minds are clouded with the day of demands, the to do list and and just not feeling like there is enough time in the day, especially not for ourselves. Well this space is created to bring you home to yourself. You will find guided meditations, some food for your soul, positive affirmations and a few life coaching exercises to get you back on track.Β  It will be short, sweet and life changing. Small changes can make big difference in our lives, if allowed.

Let’s begin at least with one exercise here:

Today: Look at your “to do list”, look at one thing you can say no to and remove it from the list and add one thing you can do for yourself in it’s place. Try to do this practice for 1-3 days this week, journal your experience and then try to add one more day each week until you have remove something off your list everyday, while you enjoy some selfcare.

Life is truly about us staying connected to our authentic selves, it’s about knowing your truth and what is right for you right now. We are not going to go into isolation and forget about the kids, our spouses, our careers, etc., but we can not also forget about ourselves. You will only pour into others, what has been poured into you.


Live Well. Live Beautifully.




2 thoughts on “Coming Home To You

  1. Hi there,
    This sounds amazing! It is hard sometimes to choose juice over coffee but the benefits of it are just insane! I really like your writing style and reading through these recipe ideas!

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