A little Juice

Use your food to help aid in your healing.

Here is another Beautiful Energy juice recipe. Boy this morning I was crazy tired! I watched my granddaughter until 1:30 am. Picture above is proof. Yes! I do have a granddaughter. My two year old Latin princess Naleyla.  Okay back to the juice. I entered my kitchen eyes closed, hair sticking to the side of my face and looking for coffee.

Hold your wigs because this is bad! I was about to warm up my leftover Starbuck’s coffee, until reason shuck me like a dog and said, Really? coffee two days in a row, we hate coffee, remember. So I decided to go to the other in of the world because I am extreme like that and juice brussels sprouts, please stay with me things get better.

I looked in my fridge and pulled out collard greens, beets, parsley, kale, brussels sprouts and an orange. I looked at my arrangement and was like,  honestly, YUCK!!  I told myself Lisa you can do this. Just go for it. You will have lots of energy after this and all these wonderful veggies will clean and strengthen your blood, detox your liver and your kidneys. The beauty part  it will give me a crazy glow to my skin.  The truth is the juice was sweet and very delish. I was so energized for ours all the way up to lunch time and I still had energy to spare.


Here is the recipe:

4 leaves of collard greens

a handful of parsley

a handful of red kale

1 beet

1 orange

9 brussels sprouts ( all I had in my fridge)

Juice and enjoy!!


2 thoughts on “A little Juice

  1. Hi there,
    This sounds amazing! It is hard sometimes to choose juice over coffee but the benefits of it are just insane! I really like your writing style and reading through these recipe ideas!

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