The marriage of an egg and a wheat bun

For the last couple days I have been sick with a stomach bug. Ugh! But about midnight my taste buds kicked in. I went to the fridge

Egg in a basket gourmet style

and I looked inside and had a taste for eggs. But I did not want just scramble eggs. I wanted something special.  This lead me to my pantry and there lay 3 whole wheat buns from burgers I made last week. I got it. I will make an egg in a basket.

But of course it can not be a normal eggs in a basket. Here is what I came up with.

Egg in a basket topped with my favorite cheese  Parmigiano Reggiano dried herbs and drizzled with white truffle oil on a bed of greens.

1 organic egg

1 whole wheat bun top

1 tbsp of shaved Parmigiano Reggiano

sprinkle of dried oregano and basil

pinch of salt and black pepper to taste

and 1/4 tsp of white truffle oil

olive oil spray

Preheat oven to 375 and prep  your cookie sheet  with olive oil spray

remove most of the center of whole wheat bun top and add the egg in the center, spray with a little olive oil.

place in oven and let cook about 15 –  20 minutes until the whites of the eggs are not transparent but clear

(may take longer depending on your oven)

Remove from oven and add dried herbs, salt and pepper and cheese shavings.

Place  on a bed of greens and drizzle white truffle oil.

You can get white truffle oil at Whole Food Market or your local grocery store.

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