The Happy Now


Most of us are waiting for happy to show up at our door and knock, we answer with glee, “Hello, Happy I have been waiting for you, now all is well with the world.” Happy looks at you and says with great merriment, sorry is this 52 Henderson Way?  You look with great disappointment and hang your head low and slam the door. Happy skips off, not affected at all and move on to find 52 Henderson Way.  I know, cheesy story, but my point is this, we need to stop waiting. If we expect happy to make things right in our lives we will be disappointed. Happiness is based on condition and conditions change as much as the weather is so unpredictable here in Georgia.

God is my source of happiness. God is the creator of happiness, love, compassion and all the sparkly, unicorn fairy feelings ,that make us feel all effervescent inside.

My connection to God and the universal truth, that he planted inside of all of us, that in him we are remember that we are whole and complete.  Happiness is not something that you wait to show up, it is always. Happiness is always there. Love is always there. Compassion is always there. It is a matter of where you are looking.  This little exercise may perhaps help you see it more clearly in your own life.

The Happy Now practice :pexels-photo-799420.jpeg

List 10 things that make you HAPPY :

Take your time. The mind is programmed to look for what you are looking for. If you are looking for suffering you will find it , because just as happiness is out there, so is suffering, so is love, just as hate. It’s all about where you are focusing your attention.

I bet you thought of somethings, so guess where happy is right now? It’s in you! You just experienced it. You stepped into the happy that has always been there.

Now take the same list and live in the energy of that happiness, try to do one thing on your list this week that stirred up the happy inside of you.   If you can do all ten and do it with someone you love, make it a weekly practice. The point is to see that whatever you  are looking for is never outside of you, dear one. It’s right there, always.

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I am a yoga and meditation practitioner, the owner and creator of B'Tyli Natural Skin Therapies. I am a nutrition consultant and pursuing my degree in Holistic Nutrition,at Clayton College of Natural Health. I am mom of 2 boys, 27 years old, 13 years old and a 3 year old granddaughter. I have been married for 18 years to a wonderful man, who on June 17th donated his kidney to me. I have lived with chronic illness for 20 years and have learned so many spiritual lessons from this experience.I am currently publishing a book titled, Living within the Silver Lining( finding your blessings within the dark clouds). I love life and live it fully each day. Love to cook so check out my weekly or maybe daily recipes. Healthy and Delicious!!!

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