Mindful Living Moment. What invitations are you giving out?

Who doesn’t like to get an invitation to an awesome party? We don’t just give out invitations to physical parties, we give them out to our own life party. I like to call these invitations, internal soul invitations.

What do I mean when I say an internal soul invitation? A soul invitation is the things we feel and believe about ourselves, based on mostly our life’s experiences, they are invitations that attract what shows up in our lives most of the time.

I remember the first time I identified with a soul invitation. I was having some issues in a few of my relationships. I felt that I was apologizing for people hurting me and treating me badly. I would get hurt, go and try to talk to the person about it and tell them how I felt and even ask the question, Hey, what did I do wrong to upset you? They would tell me. I would apologize and try to make things better. Now granted most of the time there was no apology for their behavior, but I never notice that. I was more focus on what can I do to make this right, so we can be at peace again. Weeks would go by and they were still treating badly and trying to make me feel like I was being punished for what I did wrong. I would try even harder even have talks with them to make things right. Until one day I was awaken. I saw in my soul an invitation I had given out.

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Yes.. I gave out an invitation, a soul invitation. Once I saw it, I asked myself where did this come from? I began to remember my childhood, growing up I was the oldest and no matter what happen with me and my siblings, my parents would call me to be the bigger person, even if my siblings were in the wrong, took my toys, wanted me to give them something that belong to me, most of the time my parents would say, You are the oldest, give it to them. You are the oldest, be the bigger person. You are the oldest, apologize, even if I had nothing to honestly apologize for!

NOTE OF TRUTH: Now granted my parents did the best they could with what they had, like we all do and my siblings and I were kids, and we got on each other nerves sometimes and was inseparable at others. My point here is looking for the root in my own self of where this soul invitation was first written.

The ironic thing is that, I heard it so much, I just started making things right no matter if I was wrong or if they wronged me. As I got older and started praying and meditating more, I began to ask myself, why was some of my close relationships playing out my childhood experiences? It hit me, You wrote a soul invitation a longtime ago as a kid, subconsciously.

My soul invitation wrote something like this, You are cordially invited to the fact that I believe “No matter what, it doesn’t matter how I am treated, I have to be the one to make it right, until that person feels I have made it right, invitation SENT!

But here’s the thing, once I saw what invitation I was giving out and was able to identify the source of it, a shift happened in me and my relationships. I wrote a new invitation~ You are cordially invited to my understanding that I will make mistakes in my relationships, I will apologize and make peace as best I can, but I will not apologize or take responsibility for where you have hurt me and will not take responsibility for it. It is not my job to make right your wrong toward me. Invitation SENT!

It is up to us to determine what invitations we send out, because that is who and what will show up at our door for the party. We can take time out and examine our lives and life circumstances to tap into what soul invitations we have already been writing, giving and living out. We can also rewrite these soul invitations, so we can see people and circumstances show up to our doors for a really amazing LIFE PARTY.

Live Well. Live Beautifully. Peace my friends.

Enjoy this Mindful Living Moment Video. Please comment and let me know your thoughts:

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