What did you unlearn today?

Learning and Unlearning

We are always in the process of learning. From the time we are out of the womb, we are being taught. It is a beautiful thing. It is how we grow, how we know what do and what not to do. We learn how to talk, walk, eat, play and take care of ourselves. In our nature, once we learn something, a way of living, we pretty much stick with it, even if it doesn’t serve our good or the good of others. The way life evolves is through, how often we unlearning.

I was the rebellious kid growing up, or at least that is how I was labeled, because I questioned everything. I wanted to know why things are done a certain way and why can they not be done a differently.

I was told many times as child to shut up and do what I was told. The truth is, I just wanted to know why the world works this way and if this was the only option. One of the greatest “Whispers of Silence” for me was when that 5 year old Lisa came back in my mind and started questioning the way of living, again. It was alarming, since I was on the path of stepping away from my upbringing, the way people perceived me, my own perception and even my religion. I began to explore the questions, “Why do you think this way and where did this thinking come from?” and, “Does it serve the good?” When we examine the origin of our thinking, it can expose our very souls, heal our wounds, unblock what’s holding us back from what we truly desire. It can change our lives forever. It can show you that this was never your truth, its service for your life has expired, and/or that you need to learn something new.

A huge sign that what you are learning is not serving you, is when we are going around in circles and ending up in the same situations, realizing that you have gotten nowhere. There is obviously a block and most of the time, it’s something we learned long ago that we are trying to fit into our lives and it doesn’t fit anymore; maybe it never did and we just learned to cope. There is nothing wrong with unlearning the things we were taught when it doesn’t serve the highest good of all. There are many things I have unlearned, from being a wife, a mother, a friend, a savvy business woman, how to follow my dreams and just be the Lisa that God created me to be. I am always learning, but with an open heart and keeping myself aligned with what is true for me. What does God want for me? Too often, we move from a place of what we think people expect of us and not from what we are called to do and be. The best unlearning questions I have asked myself over the course of many years , after starting the practice of silence are these:

1. Does this serve God and the highest good of all?

2.Why am I here?

3.What is my part?

4. Is this true?

Our strength is found between the spaces of surrender, not in the physical. The truth is not always what we understand it to be. Stay open, see the truth and ask God, “What does this mean for me personally? What is it that I need to know?” The understanding of truth is what matters the most. It is what moves us closer to God and our destiny. The lack of understanding does the very opposite. This is not a religious statement, but a spiritual one, and there is a difference between the two.

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Hi Guys. A little bit about me: The Jewels first, then the Profession: THE JEWELS: I have been married to the love of her life and kidney transplant donor, Joseph for twenty-five years. We have two sons, Julian Bernard thirty -three years old, Tyler nineteen years old and two beautiful grandchildren Naleyla, nine years old and a six-year grandson, Michael Julian. My life mantra is, " No matter what life brings, live your dreams short or long." HERE'S WHAT I KNOW: I understand what life feels like, when you have no idea if you will see your children grow up or never see the face of your grandkids. I was born with kidney disease and battled for almost 40 years until my husband of now, 25 years donated his kidney to me. Living a balance life, physically, mentally and spiritually was never an option for me to entertain. My life depends on it. I wrote this blog to share my journey and maybe touch the lives of those around me. My husband's generosity and the power of the grace of God has given me a second chance at life. I have been in and out of the hospitals all my life, came out of a coma, had multiple surgeries. I understand the importance of a positive mind. I have lost two babies and my mom, brother and grandmother in just months of each other. I want to share inspiration what inspires me to live and enjoy life each day. I have been a devoted yoga and meditation practitioner and a nutrition wellness coach for over 25 years, this was my road to staying as healthy as possible with failing kidneys and all the complications that come with it. I am grateful to share my life with you, through my food, my yoga and meditation practice, and just good old positivity. I hope my posts will bring joy to your heart, soul and tummy. THE PROFESSION: I am the the CEO of B'Tyli Wellness and Beauty Co. I created this company after I finished my studies in Holistic Nutrition and Medicine from Clayton College of Natural Health. B'Tyli Wellness and Beauty Co. is a holistic wellness company specializing in body, mind and spirit alignment, through yoga, nutrition, meditation and organic skin and body care products. I am the author of three books, a healthy lifestyle cookbook, titled, Set the Table with Love, which was named after my blog page and two inspirational mediation books, titled, Living With The Silver Lining and Whispers of Silence. I am also a Health, Wellness and Beauty Expert and has had the honor to share my culinary perspective o Food Network's second season of All-Star Academy food competition for a two month. I have shared my approach to healthy living and eating in both medias of television and radio. She has been featured on Fox 5, Good Day Atlanta, 11 Alive, Atlanta and Company, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, as well as radio, V103 and 104.7 The Fish and several magazine publications

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