Juices and smoothies ~ My way to 50.

So YES! I turned 50!! Wow!! What an amazing time I had on my birthday! My husband, family and friends lavished me with so much love, it left me speechless! Seriously, that is a big deal to leave me without something to say, but it is now it’s marked in history.

Turning 50 is a very special time in anyone’s life, but for me it is a miracle, since I was suppose to be dead at 38, being born with chronic kidney disease left frail, weak and dying on dialysis. I am grateful for my husband’s love and sacrifice, he gave me his kidney back in 2008, next month will be 12 years, #kidneystrong. So, what does this have to do with juices and smoothies? Well I had a goal, to feel and look great when that big number rolled around. My girlfriend Rochelle, who I like to call the “Juice Queen”, inspired me, by dropping off two 32 oz. jars of juice on my front porch. My friend’s kind gesture inspired me to go back to my roots. I started juicing daily for months back in 2002 and loved all the benefits it offered my body, mind and spirit, over the years I have found other ways to nourish my body, that I enjoy. I still juice two or three times a week, but I knew this was the way to go for turning 50.

I tapped into my education in Holistic Nutrition and Medicine and put it to the test and it paid off . I decided for 8 days to consume only  juices, smoothies, lot of veggies, some lean proteins and No Sugar and No Alcohol. I also did yoga daily, walked, hiked, lifted weights, prayed and meditated. Now on the food side, I could have just juiced, but here’s the thing, juicing is amazing and it’s extremely beneficial for you, but it lacks the fiber my body needs, so I combined my juicing with smoothies and it made huge difference.

So, what’s the difference between juicing and a smoothie. Juicing is extracting the juice from a vegetable or fruit by removing the fiber. Juicing gives you a powerhouse of nutrient, minerals, vitamins and lots of phytonutrients. Juicing is awesome for that boost you need to start the day. You are literally getting the living energy of raw foods going to your blood stream immediately. Now with that being said, the downside is most people like to juice the sweet fruits and yes you get the nutrients from the fruit, but you also get all the sugar. Yes! major energy boost, but sugar can bring you down quickly, especially when it gets in your blood stream too quickly. Please take NOTE, if you are diabetic or sugar sensitive, juice more of the leafy greens and vegetables. Also, if you have issues with Vitamin K foods, or you are sensitivities due to medications, like blood thinners, please talk to your healthcare provider before juicing large amounts of leafy greens, like kale, collard greens or spinach, to name a few.

Now let’s talk about smoothies, I love a good smoothie. In a smoothie you get it all, they provide you with the same vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber. The fiber in smoothies help slow down digestion, which in turn, helps you stay fuller longer, which also stabilizes blood sugar levels. The two types of fiber that helps us stay in good health, is insoluble fiber and soluble fibers. The insoluble fibers helps keep us regular and cleaned out. The soluble fiber helps lower blood cholesterol, slows down the absorption of carbohydrates from foods and it also helps feed the good bacteria in our guts. Happy Tummy, Makes a Happy Mommy, is my mantra.

Juicing and having smoothies gave me diversity, also with smoothies I was able to add in vegan based protein powder, nuts and seeds, which gave me my good fatty acids. The protein and fiber made my smoothie a meal for me and my dinner was much lighter, mostly consisted of a salad and sometimes a piece of fish.

Since you know why I chose to do both, here are some fun photos and juice and smoothie recipes to get you started to look and feel great at any age and always Set the Table with Love.

NOTE: THESE ARE LARGE AMOUNTS OF INGREDIENTS. I was making juice and smoothies for my breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. You can adjust the amounts to your preference. Also on occasion I would add a bit of distilled or coconut water to my juices on hot days, it was quite refreshing.

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Hi Guys. A little bit about me: The Jewels first, then the Profession: THE JEWELS: I have been married to the love of her life and kidney transplant donor, Joseph for twenty-five years. We have two sons, Julian Bernard thirty -three years old, Tyler nineteen years old and two beautiful grandchildren Naleyla, nine years old and a six-year grandson, Michael Julian. My life mantra is, " No matter what life brings, live your dreams short or long." HERE'S WHAT I KNOW: I understand what life feels like, when you have no idea if you will see your children grow up or never see the face of your grandkids. I was born with kidney disease and battled for almost 40 years until my husband of now, 25 years donated his kidney to me. Living a balance life, physically, mentally and spiritually was never an option for me to entertain. My life depends on it. I wrote this blog to share my journey and maybe touch the lives of those around me. My husband's generosity and the power of the grace of God has given me a second chance at life. I have been in and out of the hospitals all my life, came out of a coma, had multiple surgeries. I understand the importance of a positive mind. I have lost two babies and my mom, brother and grandmother in just months of each other. I want to share inspiration what inspires me to live and enjoy life each day. I have been a devoted yoga and meditation practitioner and a nutrition wellness coach for over 25 years, this was my road to staying as healthy as possible with failing kidneys and all the complications that come with it. I am grateful to share my life with you, through my food, my yoga and meditation practice, and just good old positivity. I hope my posts will bring joy to your heart, soul and tummy. THE PROFESSION: I am the the CEO of B'Tyli Wellness and Beauty Co. I created this company after I finished my studies in Holistic Nutrition and Medicine from Clayton College of Natural Health. B'Tyli Wellness and Beauty Co. is a holistic wellness company specializing in body, mind and spirit alignment, through yoga, nutrition, meditation and organic skin and body care products. I am the author of three books, a healthy lifestyle cookbook, titled, Set the Table with Love, which was named after my blog page and two inspirational mediation books, titled, Living With The Silver Lining and Whispers of Silence. I am also a Health, Wellness and Beauty Expert and has had the honor to share my culinary perspective o Food Network's second season of All-Star Academy food competition for a two month. I have shared my approach to healthy living and eating in both medias of television and radio. She has been featured on Fox 5, Good Day Atlanta, 11 Alive, Atlanta and Company, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, as well as radio, V103 and 104.7 The Fish and several magazine publications

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