Juicing for your health ( cleanse for dry skin)

Use your food to help aid in your healing.

Juicing is one of the best ways to bring your body back into balance. The benefits of Juicing is numerous. Here is a few I think you will be very surprised to know.
1. Easy assimilation. Juicing helps you get all the healing benefits of your fruits and veggies, because the indigestible fibers are removed through the juicing process.
2. Helps detox and cleanse the body. Cleansing the body aids in boosting your metabolism and help the body revert to it’s natural weight, if also followed by a whole food diet.
3. The living green power of juicing give you a natural boost in energy. You are consuming actual living foods, and your body takes in those nutrient within 15 minutes.
4. Helps with sugar craving, because you are substituting natural sugar with process sugar. This will help control blood sugar levels.
5. Anti aging. Juicing helps you detox your organs. Especially the liver which breaks everything down in our bodies. When we have a clean internal it will be visible on the biggest organ we have our skin.

I juice every morning for breakfast here are few of my favorites:
1 cup of chopped organic kale
2 organic apples
3 organic carrots
1 tsp of ginger powder

1. Using a juicer, process kale, apples and carrots. Whisk together with a tsp of ginger powder pour in a nice glass and Enjoy.



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